So. What’s Next?

We take pride in our work and our customer service. But, all business and professionalism aside, our personal interactions, experience, knowledge, speedy delivery times & affordable prices are what we’re known for.

What We Do Best

Here’s what we have to offer to help kick-start your social journey.

Spotify Playlisting

We will broadcast your music to an immense audience with our in-house curated playlists. We can generate upwards of millions of streams a month.


We will help you be eligible to earn the blue checkmark, giving you the benefits to drive more traffic & authority towards your name.

Public Relations

We will get you featured & published on an extensive catalogue of publications, helping you establish an online reputation & drive more traffic to your page/brand.

Music Marketing

We will promote your music amongst a wide variety of some of the most prominent pages, influencers & celebrities in the world, putting more ears towards your music.

Username Acquisitions

Is your desired username inactive? Or is it being squatted on? We can help acquire your long sought-after vanity handle to help brand your image and improve your recognition.

Ads & Promotions

We will help you land brand deals & advertisements from active ad-buyers within the community and put more money into your pockets.

Social Media Growth

Using a network of themed pages in the meme/music niches on all major platforms, we can drive targeted followers to your desired page, increasing engagement and virality.

YouTube Content & Management

Suppose your music is being used without your permission. In that case, we can manage and claim all unauthorised use of your content from YouTube videos, putting all stolen & undeserved generated revenue into your pockets.

Celebrity Giveaways

We can drive real, active & USA targeted followers to your page through a-list celebrity giveaways. This has been proven to be the cheapest and highest ROI for growth and can help turn you from zero to hero overnight.

We Know The Secret Formula

Being Gen-Z, we are the first generation to be raised with the mainstream media. As a result, we know the ins and outs to master the social media world better than anyone else. Over the years, we have tested and perfected countless strategies so that you don’t have to waste time trying to accomplish them yourself.

By choosing to work with us, put your work into our hands, we’ll put in front of millions more.

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