Your music, heard by millions.

We help shine the spotlight, bridge the gap and pave the way to the music industry.


We prioritize the needs and desired goals of each client. We strive to help you find your creative voice through various services and work closely to help create solid strategies that will produce measurable results.

What We Have To Offer

Whether you’re an artist, public figure, entrepreneur, producer, DJ or executive, we can cater to any client. So here’s what we can do for you to help kick-start your social journey.

Guaranteed Music Streams

We will broadcast your music to an immense audience with our in-house curated playlists on major streaming platforms. We can generate upwards of millions of guaranteed streams a month to your music.

Music Marketing

We will promote your music amongst a wide variety of some of the most prominent pages, influencers & celebrities in the world, putting more ears towards your music.

Social Media Growth

Using a network of themed pages in the meme/music niches on all major platforms, we can drive targeted followers to your desired page, increasing engagement and virality.



We will help you be eligible to earn the blue checkmark, giving you the benefits to drive more traffic & authority towards your name.

Username Acquisitions

Is your desired username inactive? Or is it being squatted on? We can help acquire your long sought-after vanity handle to help brand your image and improve your recognition.

YouTube Content Management 

Suppose your music is being used without your permission. In that case, we can manage and claim all unauthorised use of your content from YouTube videos, putting all stolen & undeserved generated revenue into your pockets.


Public Relations

We will get you featured & published on an extensive catalogue of publications, helping you establish an online reputation & drive more traffic to your page/brand.

Ads & Promotions

We will help you land brand deals & advertisements from active ad-buyers within the community and put more money into your pockets.

Celebrity Giveaways

We can drive real, active & USA targeted followers to your page through a-list celebrity giveaways. This has been proven to be the cheapest and highest ROI for growth and can help turn you from zero to hero overnight.

We Let The Results Do The Talking

The industry is ever-growing, meaning you are more prone to scams and fraudsters, and putting your trust in somebody online is more complex than ever. It took us many difficult, long and sleepless years to have the network, connections and resources needed to deliver industry-disrupting results. Yes, many people claim to be more affordable and competitive but sometimes taking the cheap and easy route backfires. Realising you’ve wasted your hard-earned money on a poorly delivered service is gut-wrenching, and you’ll end up regretting never approaching us initially. You pay for what you get, so you need to learn to be smart with your money and invest wisely. With us, you’ll never have to fret, and we have the evidence to back everything up.

Our Trademarked Process & Workflow

We focus on the unique set qualities that define you whole as a person for us to achieve the best results for you. From our very first day working together, we will bring your dreams and vision to life so that you can witness your greatness from the very beginning.


Stand out from the crowd. When many follow one path, you will be creating your own.


No matter the budget, we can cater to any client and amount.

Customer Service

Not all business is suit and tie. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of and comfortable throughout the entire process.


We want what’s best for you and to see you strive. If it’s the last thing we do on earth, we will tailor our services to give you the best chance of achieving freedom.


Become a nobody to somebody. Go from zero to hero. Become the person who needs no introduction when entering a room. Here at Music 360, we are focused on each artist’s growth and deliver outstanding and creative campaigns that are guaranteed to attract millions of listeners’ eyes and ears. Our team consists of social media wizards who have been heavily involved in the game for over six years and counting. We understand all of our client’s goals and know that each individual is unique in their own way. We work to pave a new way for you to reach your success and want to embark with you throughout your entire social media journey.


Let’s Connect Today!

Your ideas are what help us evolve and become better at what we do. So for all inquiries, questions or a simple discussion, feel free to contact us whenever and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.