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We Don't Die

Good evening, kidnap you for the weekend
Something to please me
Pardon how I drive, swerving, drinking Hennessy frequently
Yea, dim your lighters, these niggas ain’t half as decent
No respect, and they gonna need it, walk into a giant breathin’
I’m hot,been at the top, niggas just hide in my spot
Don’t want me to pop but my shit steamin’ like a smoke shop
Love in hearts, I lost cause niggas done died, then girls fall off
Gossippin’ bout me, that’s just Molotov
Stuntin’ on niggas like man… he fresh
A big timer, sick rhymer headliner
Lock pick, I’m gone find ya
Never met a bitch, that resemble Madonna
But this blonde bitch beggin’ to kick it but I don’t need no drama
Got one baby mama, I’m tryin’ to live honest
Only time can tell, what’s timeless, Rolex in diamonds
When I die that casket better cost 100 thou
Shut the fuck up, let me spend it, living for right now

Till the day I die
I told my girl to ride, big girl don’t cry
Floating at the top, can’t get no higher
Thought mama told you not to play with fire
Play with fire
We don’t die
Run into the jungle, tryna stay alive
Truth to yourself, never been no liar
Thought mama told you not to play with fire
Play with fire

Drop a Biggie, no Pun intended
Stop pretending you fucking women’s lives up
Classy nigga, perfect attendance
5 Percenters running they own shit but they ain’t sprinters
Got the Chevelle, yellow paint I call it Kobe finish
Low pros swerve the curve, you fucking nerds
Nine milli, Chef Boyardee, boy don’t get swerved
Don’t remember half of yesterday, my whole life’s a blur
Killers that’ll ride for me and they don’t say a fuckin’ word
Words, splurging urgently, I got the fucking urge
Ultimately too adult for you, someone pass the hors d’oeuvres
Buying low tops, only time me and you prolly converse
Getting overlapped, or leaving your peers behind, what’s worse?

Till the day I die
Prayin’ over my shoulder, protect me my God
I know times is hard but can’t get no harder
Need some motivation if I’m gonna get farther
Just keep going harder


No privacy this time of week, trying to fulfill the prophecy
Ducking as the tires screech, somebody die right next to me
The block’ll see, most of them not in my favor, they just favour me
Light up your house, that was Christmas Eve
Dump you out over water, call it overseas
With some foreign bitches that don’t got ID’s
Vacation, Jamaica, that was a good time for me
Life of luxury, teach my kids royalty



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