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Ready To Fuck

Ready to fuck

[Verse 1:]
I’m rolling up in that gold thing
These bitches at the door man
She giving up that domain
Don’t give my number, she know the name
That king shit and be my game
Ain’t got a nigga, her ex lame
She usually don’t do this
Tonight she gon’ fuck me
I beat it up, that pussy
That wet wet in my two seater
Her nails done, her hair did
I’m a about to mess up all of it
Just don’t say another word
You wanna talk, just use your tongue
R-Roll over, give daddy some
I’m gon cum, you gon come like…

Don’t it feel good?
Got you dripping down your thighs, and you gripping on the wood
Alright (alright)
She said, “Don’t it feel good?”
Then she riding on the top
She about to make it pop
She said, “Why you fuck with everybody?”
I said, “Baby I be only fucking you”
She said, “Don’t be fucking with nobody
I want you to myself and I want you, too”
So you know what I said
Just get on that bed
I know you want it, baby, so open your legs
I know when you’re coming baby
My tongue got you going crazy
Your toes and your thighs shaking
I eat it up
She said I’m ready to fuck
Aww Yeah
She said I’m ready to fuck

[Verse 2:]
Dealing with these bitches
You got to have your game tight
Cause most of em’ won’t act right
You got know how to lay the pipe
My ex-bitch named Jordan
She pretty, so spoiled
Ain’t no nigga gon love you
How I loved you, now it’s adiós
I need some [x4]
I found some [x2]
I hope it’s real [x2]
Cause ain’t no telling
What these girls be trying to get
I’m young and rich, I’m clean nigga
So yeah, I give em that clean dick like



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