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My Glory

“My Glory”

Hey soldier
Do you know who’s in command here?

GED Army
Young Money navy
Fuck you, pay me
It’s simple

What happens when ya enemies, once friends and everything ends
My glory begins

Two miles from his house
A spot that they slung out
Lil kids play out
Shit foul in my town
They talk but won’t shout cause snitches never be found
Just look straight
No squares around just quilts and cake
Half-way growing age
Started seeing different ways
Illegally paid, get lawyers legally paid
I’m saying, Polaroid boy just want the fame
Never my image to betray but never soft like soufflee, nigga

I started from the very end
Look around look where I begin
Women sittin’, sippin’ with him
But what happens when the glory ends

What happens when the glory ends
What happens, what happens then
What happens when the glory ends
Enemies once friends
Guess my glory end

Look at ’em, Tyga slim skinny no pig
I don’t fuck with them
Denver dens bitch no ticket shit
Here’s a tip, write it off my taxes
Get paid more than you faggots
My shine, shine like I waxed it
Get backwards move forward get blasted
I’m Dave Matthews
Great figure this nigga asked it
Actually my swag mastered
Show the masters my taxes
Performing off like Julio bastards
Young graduate no degree but a bachelor
Pack full off cash
Look at the way I sag
Look at the balance on that natty hat
Match the Gucci bag
Wearing shit the store never had
Even dads is cool, mothers love my ass
Them ghetto jags is through, I’m in the newest class
Limit edition no tints bitch see who in it
Now back the fuck up like strippers


A hater’s only motive
Scope my every slogan
Blog my every word
Rephrase shit I’ve spoken
Whole nine the truth is really unfolding
Couple Folgers if ya sleeping we gone wake ya owner
Hold ya like groceries no Kenneth Copeland
But I’m on some pope shit
Drug flow I’m close to dopest
Really sayin’ this sick shit no nursery but row ya boat bitch
White phantom call it big toll whip
In motion an eagle colder than zero below
Don’t pour motive hoes know what I D.O
Already put on a show from the day he was born
Through the form deform
I’m a monster y’all
Jewelry look armor raw
The money monopoly born
The shit is fraud
And I don’t play games, you see what happen in that movie Saw
But this is real life shootin’ no director



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