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Interlude: Missed Call

Yo T! It’s Ant
It’s like my… sixth or seventh time tryna call you today
We get if you picked up or call me back
Spoke to MTV. They’re… they’re little concerned… we’re like… they’re like… you know…
“We’ve seen him on SnapChat buyin’ cars and jewelry. But he’s… he’s not doin’ any impressive interviews”
And I’m sure… you know… they see that… they see you in the studio too so… look, I know you’re workin’ on a new mixtape.
Your main focus is music and puttin’ all that out but this is all part of the game, man.
We gotta do interviews and you know, all the little things so…
Wait! Hold on!! I’m gonna call hold on uhh.. I see.. I see you callin’ me right now hold on


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