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If She Gon Fuck

“If She Gon Fuck”

If she gonna fuck, she gonna fuck
You can call that hoe a hundred times if you wanna
If she gonna fuck, she gonna fuck
You can’t control that pussy from the joint
If she gonna fuck, she gonna fuck
You in that bitch stressin about nothing
If she gonna fuck, she gonna fuck
I been there, I done learned that from the joint
If she gonna fuck, she gonna fuck

You don’t need to worry about a bitch ’cause she gonna do what she do
And if the hoe gonna ride, she gonna ride and that there’s the truth
If she gonna let a nigga fuck, ain’t nothing you can do
You think sweating a bitch gonna change something you lying to you
If she was fucking while you was out it, she gonna fuck while you gone
And if that bitch ain’t really fucking she gonna ride that long
And if the bitch don’t wanna talk then she ain’t gonna answer the phone
And if the hoe don’t come to see you she gonna act like something wrong
Like I told my nigga straight up ain’t gonna sugarcoat shit
We can talk about whatever, don’t ask me nothing about your bitch
You ain’t no rookie to this shit, you already know how it go
Well, like a nigga told me, better let a hoe be a hoe


If you gon’let these hoes stress you, they don’t know what to tell you
If you ride, you better ride, nigga, get it together
I might be snapping by some shit, but it ain’t gon’be ’bout no pussy
Whether she is or she ain’t, it don’t make me no difference
They keep my comments every fool, bitch, and I’ll be alright
YOu wanna see me, then come see me! You want it right, then you right
You wanna keep giggling with me, then I’m cool with that too
You wanna ride, you wanna wait, then fuck it, do what you do!
I’m gon’tell you how I feel ’bout it, I ain’t even mad
Cause only real hoe gone ride and I ride with a nigga that ain’t bad
I’da say out my mind, I already know what that mean
That’s why As long as I’m free bitch, how you gon’feel?


Hoes gn’be hoes and just like nigga gon’be nigga,
And my bitch know if she was locked up ain’t keepin no dick in no freezer
If she be looking out for me, then I be looking out for you
Off the top, if it’s fuck me, you know I fuck you!
Some niggas go distressing, go to loosing their way
‘Cause they can’t keep with their whole idea back in the day
If I ever let a bitch worry, it deserve to worry
If she stressing by the cash, then that’s a whole other story cause most these hoes they won’t ever love the air ya breath,
I already know ya game bitch, can’t let you run it on me
It’s a hand full that might rat to the bus stop
The rest you slime ass hoes know exactly what I’m talkin bout




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