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Flyer Den A Pelican

“Flyer Den A Pelican”

Flyer than a pelican, flyer than a pelican
Shoulda had Birdman do that little noise on this bitch
(Brr, brr, brr, brr)
Shoulda have him do that little Birdcall shit

I’m flyer than a pelican…

My chain got white gold on it
My strap got a beam on it
My seats got lean on it
My neck got a link on it
My teeth got bling on it
That pussy got pink on it
My body got ink on it
My whip got seats on it
From head to toe
I’m covered designer
This dope is from [?]
This belt is from China
This watch is from Rollie
There’s blood on these diamonds
You see me in the streets
They call me a hunnid
My bitches the finest
My shooters behind me
I’m drinking the best
And I’m smoking the finest
I’m cleaner than the bitch
You might think I’m a [?]
I’ve gone to [?]
They say I’m the flyest

I’m flyer than a pelican…

Sport ten teams and international
Keeping money on me like a trap
Got more bands and even wrapped
And the wrist smoking on pressure
Got my model bitch [?]
Fitting like you have
Putting on who helps
Two sisters fuck me [?]
Money to money, I stay sharp on the dough
Money to money, I fuck with the dough
Money to money, I keep dope in da air
Money to money, I like [?]
Flyer than a pelican, you heard what I said
Strippers, I love ’em, I want ’em in bed
Fuck ’em, I’m changing all my numbers again
No Tinder or [?] you know what I mean

I’m flyer than a pelican…


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