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Find You

“Find You”
(feat. K Camp & Lil Wayne)

[Bridge: K-Camp]
I’m just trying to find you
But I can’t lie
I love them girls from that 305, 305, 305, 305
Love them girls from that 305, 305
I’m just trying to find you

[Hook: K-Camp]
I done seen some pretty ones that came from the North
I done seen some gorgeous ones that came from the West
I done seen some bad ones that came from the East
But I can’t lie
I love them girls from that 305, 305, 305, 305
Love them girls from that 305, 305

[Verse 1: Plies]
Cute, fine, and clean (Woo!), that’ll get ya raw
Pound ya from the back, that’ll get ya off
You gotta snapper, Baby, you good, don’t care about your flaws
If I ask you to turn up in the car, please don’t tell me naw
Ain’t no peons on this end, I love your expensive taste
Love how you rock that little black dress with nothing else underneath
If I had to explain you in one word, it would be everything
They ever ask me about your goods, I’ll tell them off the chain
You ain’t a dime or a quarter, you badder than that
You ain’t a flag or a faker, you realer than that
Love to see them sun rays hittin’ you off the beach
That pretty skin and your hair (Woo!)
It do something to me

[Bridge & Hook]

[Verse 2: Plies]
I still don’t mind, nibblin’ on me a Georgia Peach
Or running down an [?] at the DMV
Went to the West Coast and damn it then he come back
NYC they got them dimes, about to bottom that
Infatuated with your style, love your dress game
How you talk and how you grind, that shit everything
One to one [?] talking funny, I take one of those
I like mine a little ratchet, keep that on the low
If I left it in Blue York, would you tell on me?
You got that water
Get up out ya, can’t even smell it on me
Shoe game, bag game, your shit on fleek
Any club any night, that shit on me


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Too many bitches, 305, 9 5 4 7 8 sixes
Sex on the beach, sand on our feet
She speak spanish, all I understand is papi
I got an Aventura bitch with an attitude
I got an Opa-locka a bitch, you know she a goon
I got a south beach bitch with a sun tan
She say no matter what she still a LeBron fan
The balcony Versace mansion, watch the traffic move
I’m watchin’ bitches dance with nothin’ on but dancin’ shoes
I got a California girl, they call me all the time
I said I’m in the 305, she said boy bye



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