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Est. (80's Baby)

“Est. (80’s Baby)”

Almost, E-S-T in the 90’s
But I’m, still a 80’s baby
Don’t even try, it’s the way God made me
Uh-uh, it’s the way God made me
Almost, E-S-T in the 90’s
But I’m, still a 80’s baby
Don’t even try, it’s the way God made me
Uh – how come they hate me?

Hey hater man! You lookin down on a greater man
cause with cheese I’m gratin quick, and cheese don’t stand for gangsta grip
It means more than what ya averagin
I probably averagin, more ice then Alaska’s skin
Think fast cause the jab is quick
24 hours my star power a hundred percent
My tolerance like “Enough of this
Who does this kid, think he is?” (Notorious) like I’m close to (B.I.G.)
You ain’t notice that my focus like ‘Pac – I’m “Above the Rim”
but more potent than that whole script
I’ve written most of my career since twelve
Did I mention it? Five year laters, I’ll be rich from it?
Now lets timeline eighty-nine
Where everyone was Supefly, Kingpin or the nearest guy
I was Compton hospitalized
In the streets, another victim, but different in my mother’s eyes
(Wait!) Don’t cut the chimes (no)
I need more relief than 357 milli’ G’s
Gotta cold flow I need a pharamacy, honestly
I am one of the youngest old souls on the scene
If agreed, then future teens uhh, vote for me
This election, make your selection, by the most lyrically
Holdin grudes was never me, my budget won’t allow the beef
Don’t act your age, act your salary
They hatin me and the horse I rode in on
But have they ever seen they name explode in neon? No!
You wasn’t talkin’ ’bout me, must’ve been talkin bout that pony
cause they say (Tyga) so great like (Tony)
Frosted Flakes in the roley, oh he started off with the icey motion
Before the deal I had a glist like wrist and mo’ shit
The only true story, V.I.P.’s lil’ homey
Step in and get to know me


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