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(Can't Believe) This Is Me

How can you just say that you love me yet to leave you alone
You said these walls were here to protect us, but it’s still not a home
All these questions that are burning inside with answers I’ll never know
‘Cause you’re the only one who knows how you feel, but you’re not letting me know

What is it, love
Can I help you
I see where this has gone and what it’s coming to
I look to you

I can’t believe this is me
Where I can touch and not feel you
I feel I’m lost in a dream
Between what is and what seems
Having to face not to need you
You know you owe it to me
How can you think we don’t need you
I’m tired of running away from my fear and the day
That our life has no meaning
Without a word or a reason
Like a coward, you’re leaving

Sitting here inside an empty room that was filled with us
Only boxes to define what was left of what we used to call love
It’s sad that after all of this time, you have nothing to say
Ooh, and the only thing that you could’ve done, you choose to walk away

I’m thankful, love

Jennifer Lopez

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