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Calvin Harris: 'There's amazing house music coming out the UK right now'

Calvin Harris: 'There's amazing house music coming out the UK right now'

Calvin Harris has spoken to Zane Lowe for his Beats 1 show on Apple Music (apple.co/zane) about his forthcoming track with Dua Lipa, ‘One Kiss’.

On working with Dua Lipa…
I met her about two years ago. I only knew her from one song which was ‘Be The One’ and I thought the song was really really cool. Then I met her and she was cool. I was like let’s do a song one day, she was like yeah, you know how you say to people let’s do a song one day and then you never really expect to do a song one day. And then when this new sort of idea comes around which I just want to make dance music again, it seemed like a good opportunity to make a house sounding record with her.

It was lovely. She come round the house…One of the very few sessions where I literally, I mean nowadays with vocals and all that I like to have an engineer, he can record and chop them up because it’s the hardest part of the job for me, but this time I just did it all myself. It was nice, had a little cup of tea. Lovely.

On UK house music…
You know there’s amazing, amazing house music coming out the UK right now. That has inspired me a lot and I love being there and listening to it and that kind of made me realise I’m doing a disservice to myself not drawing the influences that I’ve always drawn from like ’90s house which is my main go-to, as far as influences go.

On Benny Blanco…
I had [record producer] Benny Blanco around the other day and he said I want to do record together. He said you must have loads of things, I want some of them where you’re singing. I was like, come on. He made me go through everything I rejected with me singing on it. He was like what about that, what about that?…It was 100% pain and embarrassment. And then, in the end he picked something that he insisted was really good. And I said honestly I cannot listen to this mate. And now he’s got it, so we’ll see what happens.


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